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The human Rosetta Stone

Sometimes you don't need a gadget, you need a guy.

Like it or not, in the US most dirty dangerous construction work is done by people of questionable immigration status.

I had a new roof put on, and the workmen accidentally dropped about a ton of crap onto a brand new HVAC system. Instant destruction. Suddenly, none of the men could speak English. Furthermore, they pretended they didn't understand my Spanish.

Crusty old retired Navy Chief comes over, stares at me, and says, "[Chairman], dumbass, you're not communicatin''"

Me: "Oh, FFS. What do you expect me to do?"

Chief, to foreman: "If El Manajero ain't here in five minutes, I'm callin' Immigration. INS! I bet evry' swingin' dick here is back on the boat by Saturday!"

Me: "..!"

Suddenly everyone spoke fluent English. I saw El Manajero is less than five, and had the insurance firm on the phone in maybe ten.

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