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Re: I have a small amount of sympathy with the police etc.

There are a few other issues with this statement.

YES, you can get married at 16 - but only with the consent of the two sets of parents - and only to another UK citizen. Want to marry someone from abroad and it goes up to 21 for most countries.

Grumble flicks at 16 - no, you are wrong, it is just the law is rarely enforced. In theory, even bikini shots are classed as child porn if you are under 18 and arent on a beach or at the pool.

Education has already been covered.

Military - this is only a recent guideline, and not (AFAIK) law; plenty of 16/17 y/o's sent to the Falklands war, N Ireland, Bosnia etc.

You should be grateful for the the rest, it used to be 21; go thank the Monster Raving Loony Party for getting the laws changed.

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