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Not all heroes wear capes: Contractor grills DXC globo veep on pay rises, offshoring, and cuts to healthcare help

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"engaging vibrant morale is not only a great thing for our clients, for DXC and our shareholders, but it is a great thing for us as people."

=> engaging vibrant morale is a great thing for 1) shareholders, 2) DXC , 3) clients, we're also told it would be a great thing for us as people. Ahah, just kidding.

"being brave and courageous and for asking the questions you asked".

I'll dance over your dead body.

"I think we are going to constantly be repositioning, retraining our workforce for the foreseeable future"

We are going to continue to exploit wage slaves and extract anything valuable from them before throwing them in the bin.

"In order for us to be competitive, we are going to have to take advantage of a global workforce."

Our motto: exploit misery worldwide.

the "transformation going on inside DXC can feel chaotic" and "feel built and steeped in pressure".

You're not paid to think. A mindless worker is a happy worker! Shut up and do your job!

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