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Not all heroes wear capes: Contractor grills DXC globo veep on pay rises, offshoring, and cuts to healthcare help


Oh what an absolute load of shit. I worked for DXC, since before it was DXC, back when it was HPE and even before that when it just HP.

The top talent from DXC is running like hell, or has already left, and they've replaced 100% of the talent with useless know-nothings from India who couldn't find their asses with both hands and a flashlight.

This moron Smith can spin it anyway he wants to, but I still speak regularly with people who are forced by contract to stay DXC customers and they want OUT. And I don't blame them. Their service has suffered greatly, and at this point, all it is going to take is a couple of key departures and the whole house of cards is going to fall apart, and to a one, every one of them is looking.

DXC is absolute proof positive that you can't offshore your way to profitability... ever.

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