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Everybody has ideas for changes (and occasionally improvements) to the user interfaces they use / put up with. Many contradict someone else's proposals and implementing a significant proportion of them would take ages.

If there is some user interface change that really matters to you, code it, set the default behaviour to the old style and add an on switch for your idea in settings. Test the new idea and test that the old behaviour is correctly restored by pressing clicking the appropriate off button in settings. Publish your patch along with documentation for what it does, how to stop it and why you think it is the best idea since disabling javascript.

If you are right, people will start using your patch and ask why it is not included as standard. If you are wrong, take a hint from the silence (or flames). If you cannot be bothered to code it yourself (even if that includes learning how to program) then you have no right to complain when other people do not bother to do your work for you for free.

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