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You get a prize for the most egregious use of the slippery slope fallacy of the day.

Whatever your opinions on euthanasia (which are undoubtedly, far, far off-topic), the (overwhelming) evidence from the coutries where it has been legalised shows that what you are railing against doesn't happen.

Yeah. No government would ever give the public what they're asking for!

I think a part of my thinking comes from reading an article in a Doctor's waiting room some time back, one of the earlier appearances of it in NZ. A woman was talking about how her 11yo son had epilepsy and would sometimes have several seizures in a week. She wanted the right to have him euthanasia.

I asked my mom about this as I didn't know what the word meant, and my dad also had seizures from time to time. I was only around 9 or 10 and while I knew the practice I didn't know the term. I remember being disgusted that a mother could be so selfish she wanted to end the life of her son, and that she would treat her kid like a food animal.

I also do see this from time to time with those I care for. Loving kids (adults often in their 30s, some in their 20s) who, not realising I'm following them out of the properly for whatever reason, talk about how much their parent is a burden and they really should just "hurry the fuck up and die" and "mum should stop being a selfish old bitch and quit hanging on to life".

This is why you find a lot of people who care for the elderly are against and dread such laws, because yes the scope does widen. And it's not like anyone in this world has ever been talked into faking pain for another's gain before. I know elderly people who signed all the paperwork to stop getting the care we provide, and in many cases I've gone in for a friendly visit a few days later and found that no-one is taking care of them, and it turns out the children pressured them to give up the care but the children themselves are not going to be there. In one case it'd been 2 or 3 days since the patient had eaten, or been changed (thankfully we have some 'elder abuse' laws coming in that may help with some of this stuff).

I also understand chronic pain, being born as one of those whose genes conspire, from an early age, to cause various deformities or faults in the body that lead to severe pain. I've seen many brands of strong painkillers come and go in my time. Very fortunate to live in a place like NZ where preschoolers can be given decent pain medication (yes, no hope of my condition improving - but my parents taught me there is so much more to life).

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