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I think it is more they don't understand

They don't realize just how invasive these things can be, and don't realize just how invasive Google is overall. The general public doesn't understand stuff like cookies and trackers, and how databases can be used to relate data collected from all sorts of different sources both online and off. Heck, I don't claim to fully understand it and I doubt more than a couple percentage of El Reg's readership (i.e. only those who have worked at Google, Facebook, etc.) possess the full picture either. If they don't know why using Chrome or Android is bad because it gives Google details of all your internet browsing, all your movements, etc. why should they be worried about it?

What they need are concrete examples, talking about how much data they have is all well and good, but it is meaningless to them. They need examples of WHY this hurts them, but the close hold Google etc. keep on the reams of personal data they collect means it is usually limited to anecdotal stories of "creepy" like "I searched for x on my phone and then started seeing advertisements for x on TV" (in the US cable/satellite companies use DVRs to insert targeted ads during the ad time reserved for the carrier/provider whether watched live or recorded) This happened to a few of my friends, when I explained why that can happen they were angry at the cable company and not Google who was truly responsible...

Ideally the truly scary details would be provided by a well placed former employee blowing the whistle, but when you hold millions in restricted stock in your former employer it tends to act as a disincentive to rock the boat even once you are out the door.

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