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White House mulls just banning strong end-to-end crypto. Plus: More bad stuff in infosec land

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Also I though a major point of WSUS was to allow the rapid and near-automated deployment of a wipe/image cycle over a big estate of Windows machines?

Hell, you don't even need that much! When I had my shop I part-installed several instances of XP, Vista and 7. At the last installation reboot I powered off the machine, copied the disk into an image, and shoved the image onto the network behind a PXE-bootable cloning tool that could see the images. Clone the mostly-installed Windows to a new HDD, twiddle the partition sizes (pre-copy), good to go. (Could also use a Linux USB stick and gparted etc if the original plan didn't work).

I do the same with VMs. Create a standard then clone that for actual use. (Probably harks back to my bad old days of copying audio tapes - make one copy of the original and put the original away, copy the copy, then only use the copy of the copy...)

Of course, if they used a real OS, not that poofy pinko Windows, then they'd not have had the issue in the first place and could've rebuilt their systems from scratch in less time than it took to write the acceptance speech... (surely there'll be an award for bravely bowing to the criminal's demands, right?)

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