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Frustrated Brits can dump mobile providers by text as of today

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Try and put me through any kind of customer retention, lose all possible goodwill that remains.

I'm leaving for a reason. Either you couldn't be bothered to offer me a better deal than the competition, or you deliberately didn't because you didn't want me have it. I don't deal on those terms.

Whatever you offer me *at that point* is a no. No. No. Not interested. No. Three tried this with me recently when I left for another provider because while they were putting up prices and not increasing allocated data, and also not informing me of better package they had themselves, their competitors were all giving more data for less money. Suddenly offering me the same deal I was on for "half price" doesn't make me happy... it pisses me off that I've already paid over the odds all that time. You could have done that *at any point*. You didn't. I'm not threatening to leave every six months in order to stay on the best deal... either give it to me, or suffer the loss of my custom when I find something else. Getting half the money out of me that you were is better than no money at all. Consider it a learning experience.

And the longer that "retention" process takes, the more annoyed I'll get. If it comes to it, I'll just do it by letter. I'm really not interested. This contract is cancelled, that was your notification, goodbye.

I didn't even need a PAC code, so I didn't care. The SIM was only used for Internet in a little 4G wifi router I use, and it really does not matter what the number is/was. The next SIM will work just as well on any number it's allocated.

It all comes back to: if you were loyal to your customers, they'd be loyal to you, and wouldn't have to go through forced customer retention after you've failed to deal with whatever the problem was.

The regulators are finally catching on - the utilities regulators are now saying "stop giving new customers better deals than existing ones". Mobile companies will have to follow suit. It's a ridiculous way to work. I instead choose companies who not only give me a good deal, but make my deal better all the time, and when I introduce a customer gives us both a bonus (i.e. I still haven't needed to pay for two months Internet/4G with the new provider yet because of referral bonuses). That's how you get new customers, and keep the old ones.

Pretty much, I wish all providers in all industries were like this. It shouldn't matter who actually pumps gas or electricity into my house, who supplies the broadband, my mobile SIM, or anything. I should be able to just switch electronically at the press of a button, no questions asked and nothing has to take place for it to all just move to the new provider.

There's also a reason that I use a 4G wifi router... broadband sucks in my area and I refuse to pay line rental which costs MORE than a full unlimited 4G connection, before I even start down the road of actually getting broadband (and getting rid of the bundled TV connection and phone line that I don't even want). They wanted £150 or more to actually "flick the switch" on an existing line, then line rental, then money on top for the rest of the services, plus an engineer visit meaning a day at home.

Paid £50. Got an unlocked 4G router. Put in a few PAYG SIMs from various companies and ended up on a Pay Monthly with Three until recently. Swapped it out for the new provider in 10 seconds, while both SIMs were still technically active and could be used (if there was something wrong and it didn't work). Cancelled Three. Told them to stick their post-customer special-offers. No, I have no use for the SIM anyway. No, I don't care that it's half-price. No, I'm not going to pay for it and then "give it to a friend" or "keep it as a backup". Get lost. I don't want it.

You had your chance, while I was a loyal, regular-paying, existing customer. You weren't interested. Game over.

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