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No it's worse, Broadband providers do the metaphoric equivalent of pulling out all their teeth if the clueless customer uses the wrong terminology/wording.

Useless Ofcom (a lot of partisan ex-BT folk) have the figures/data for Openreach line cessations that result in a reconnection to the same customer, which indicates a "full tooth extraction" aka. ISP creates Openreach job ticket for "Line Cessation" for no reason, then fails to respond to requests to cancel it (assuming the customer even realises what's just being done to stop them leaving, within 24hrs the line is dead and their existing number). The customer can reconnect to the same ISP for free, but it's £60 to reconnect to a different one.

So much anti-competitive behaviour is hidden behind OR/BT's clunky switching systems that just don't work seamlessly. You could write a book on it.

(MPs, cross-examining those in the know during Parliament Select Committees never seem to have the technical knowledge/intelligence to asks the right questions).

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