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I have a Kobo Aura One and love it. It's rarely online and never nags. The screen is great and the reader app is by the far the best I've come across in what you can set (type size but also line height and margins) and what you see. I have bought a couple of books from the Kobo store, and the preview function is quite nice but generally by the books, strip the DRM (using Epubor) and copy them over, either with Calibre or just onto the device. Once you've stripped the DRM, you can also fix things like typos, missing cover images, stupid default font-size settings or margins, or resize any pictures so that you can actually recognise things in them. When I've fixed typos I've also informed the publishers.

And Kobo's customer service is pretty good, once you get through the menus. I had a potential problem with the USB-port and they arranged a swap with very little fuss. Yes, this is only what you should expect, but still.

Most software updates have also been pretty good. Re. the Touch, there's an important one this year that fixes a wifi bug.

Anyway since I bought the Aura One I've bought an read more books than in the 10 years before. The missus has my old Touch (2011) and is very happy with it. Haven't really seen anything in the same format that would suggest a replacement.

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