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This weekend you better read those ebooks you bought from Microsoft – because they'll be dead come early July

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A fiver at the cinema, sure. Where they're paying for the high res 8k or whatever projector, the lights, the AC or heat, etc. If I have to pay for all of those things (purchasing whatever latest spying TV because of some revup in HDCP from the latest crack, for one) in my own flat, that fiver gets reduced by the value of those things plus the smaller screen, hassle of being threatened with prison and fines just for watching, etc.

So that 48 hour view should be a few pence, or free because of the personal data collection that comes with a lot of modern DRM -- pay the access that way or provide a DRM-free copy for purchase, or I don't want to see your content.

For now I make do with second and third hand DVDs/Blurays -- it's nice to know the studio isn't getting any more money from my viewing the content and good luck monetizing me with a never Internet connected older Bluray player.

Audio CDs, though, I buy new at retail. Something about not having DRM and playing anywhere with open source software means they have intrinsic value. Like a paper book...

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