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This weekend you better read those ebooks you bought from Microsoft – because they'll be dead come early July

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Spotted a typo.

"But the solution to piracy is not, nor ever will be, usually to punish law abiding people while mildly and temporarily inconveniencing pirates."

Funny how that works elsewhere as well.. Look at NZ's knee-jerk changes to the gun laws - law abiding citizens are punished while crims may actually find it easier to get their hands on those 'nasty guns'.

Hate speech laws - if I want to saw nasty things to someone I'll say nasty things to that person, screw the law. Meanwhile, John Goodcitizen can't lovingly say to his boyfriend 'You're one disgusting faggot - and I love that about you!' without committing a crime.

KP laws - kids are disappearing from TV and adverts in case some nonce might just get the hots for them and go for 'a quick shower'. Do you think it'll really stop or even slow someone who is into KP?

Speeding laws - during holiday weekends we get a stupid law where the cops can stop and ticket you for speeding for being a mere 4km over the limit. There's evidence to suggest this has been causing more accidents than it prevents as people are less focused on the road and more focused on their speedometer. Those who strive to be good drivers yet stray a little over, or forget certain country roads have a much lower speed limit than they normally would, get pinged. Meanwhile, the person with advance warning of the cop drives by, the txters drive by, the tailgaters and non-indicators drive by.

Yep, punish the law-abiding and momentarily slow down a small few of the law breakers seems to be par for the course.

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