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"The level of loyalty to Boeing from some employees seems to verge on the fanatical , we are so great we cannot do anything wrong."

Actually the _really_ loyal employees are the ones who tried to fix this shit - see my comments about the auditors who discovered the 737NG build clusterfuck - and got shat upon by seagull management.

Boeing has a sordid recent history of shafting its employees in every way you can think of (both in Renton and in Wichita) and advanced antipathy towards unions (whose primary concern is safety of both individual employees and long term jobs - which is achieved by NOT fucking the company over). It's long past the point where anyone loyal has gone or has just given up and lives in quiet despair and whilst the sociopaths in the boardroom pretend there's nothing wrong, or if there is, it's all someone else's fault, or if it isn't, then you made them do it and if they did it you deserved it.

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