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> But if a site is using reCAPTCHA, then that site is unavailable to me.

I follow the same rule, however things are coming to a head recently, as now websites that I find critical have starting using it.

Case in point, two days ago I tried to transfer money out of my savings account to cover some unexpected expenses. However turns out earlier this month they "updated" their website, and now use recapcha to prove I am not a bot.

I had no choice but to try to use the damn thing, but I kept coming across the following message:

"Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. For more details visit our help page"

So basically ReCaptcha thinks I am a bot. I am using PaleMoon, noscript (temporarily disabled for this login) and no Google account. I guess they had no record of me because of the lack of Google account, never touched their recaptcha before, and their JS has been blocked on my machines for as long as noscript has been around.

However, this meant that I was essentially blocked from accessing my own savings, not by the law, or the courts, or even the savings provider themselves, but by Google, a company that has nothing to do what-so-ever with this transaction.

Luckily it was Friday before closing time, and they had a telephone number, so I phoned them up and did the transfer. However what if it was out of hours? Or what (like more and more services, including Google itself), they are going online only with no telephone number? What then?

Google now has the power to control my access to third parties, had I not been able to transfer by phone I would be looking at a bunch of late payment fees and fines come Monday.

Apart from the fact I despise having to give my time and effort to train up Google AI Image detection, apparently Google now gets to play gatekeeper, and decide whether I can use third party websites or not.

And all this to stop bots. Honestly I am coming to the point where I think the cure is worse than the disease. So what if bots access a damn web page? Either they hit the page so hard they get blocked, or they behave and access like a human would, in which case who gives a toss whether a bot or human is at the end of the other line?

They may spew spam out, but you can just as easily hire some cheap labour to sit there and post spam comments anyway, so captchas don't help there.

For me, the ability to freely and lawfully transact without some random third party (be it Google, Facebook, or others) arbitrarily deciding whether I am "authorised" to do so is worth far more to me than the inconvenience of bots.

For all the crap the bots of pre AI-captcha days caused, they never stopped me interacting with who I wanted to on the net.

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