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the market wanted bezelless phones

Male bovine excrement !

At least some of us absolutely hate the idea. I have a phone (from another well know manufacturer) where the active screen goes more or less to the sides of the device - and it's a right PITA. I've added a case/protector only partly to give it a bit more resilience when I drop it - but as much as anything to add a mm or two to the outline to make the flippin thing usable. I was getting "really annoyed" that it was almost impossible to hold normally without my big fat fingers wrapping round the sides enough to trigger the touch sensor - causing random stuff associated with such touches, and generally being a real PITA.

So no, I don't want a phone where the display and touch sensor goes right to the edge of the device - I want a few mm border so I can actually hold the damn thing without having phantom touches screw things up.

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