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Talented designers are rare

I'm not sure that's true. I've known a few good ones, and it's not a role I come into contact with frequently.

I think the real problem is that star designers like Ive, or widely-lauded products like the Aeron Chair, acquire fame not because of particularly good design1 but because they're associated with (or in the case of products are) Veblen goods. So many supposed paragons of design are simply bolstered by social capital.

On the other side of the coin, you have a great many products where no designer was involved at all (common in software) or the "designer" was not someone trained for that role. That creates the appearance of a dearth of good designers, when really it's a matter of not trying to employ one.

Plenty of designers may lack Ive's flair for Making Everything Worse, but understand a wide array of design principles in both utility and aesthetics, and are capable of evaluating the compromises involved in applying them. Their designs may not excite the sort of professional and amateur journalists who fawn over products from the likes of Apple, but they're perfectly good.

1However that might be measured, a question which falls foul of various problems in epistemology, aesthetics, and engineering.

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