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If you look for things

You find them far more often than if you don't. The detections of tumours may have risen, but that doesn't tell you very much about the incidence

Cancer is the class of disease that is most likely to kill you if nothing else already has. One of the largest lifetime risks of cancer is living a long time!

Successfully treating cancer makes you considerably more likely to get cancer again - as you didn't die from it the first time!

To put it another way:

Long life causes cancer, looking for cancer causes cancer diagnoses, treating cancer causes cancer.

(Daily Mail, publish that I dare you!)

There are a huge number of other "lifestyle changes" in the last 20 years ish. We're a lot more sedentary, we eat more food and that food is a different mix, there is a different air pollution mix.

In general our environment has a lot less of the stuff that we know injures or kills you quickly, yet still contains a lot of stuff that probably injures you slowly. Eg by causing cancers if you're exposed to low levels of some air pollutants for a long time.

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