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How brainwashed have the majority of you become??

It amazes me that so many commenters on this forum still have no idea as to what the actual scientific research has discovered about the effects of exposure to non-ionising radiation. Ignore the flashy ads trying to sell you the latest wireless wonder, and instead investigate what the real facts are.

Every cell in our body communicates by small electrical signals, so why is it so difficult to understand that continuous bombardment billions of times a second from ever increasing levels of pulsed microwaves would not affect you? The damage may happen slowly but is cumulative. Dark field microscopy easily shows cell clumping and damage after just 10 minutes of using a cell phone beside your head. If you read the manufacturer's safety information supplied with your cell phone, but hidden away so most users never even find it to read, it explains that the cell phone should never be in contact with any parr of your body otherwise the supposedly "safe" SAR will be exceeded. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were knowledgeable enough to keep their children away from wireless devices. All wireless technology would be banned for public use if the true facts were known. Some of the most recent studies now show increasing rates of depression, autism, blood-brain barrier leakage and once rare brain cancers as being directly related to the invisible electro-smog environment we live in. A small percentage of the population are now so affected by EHS they can no longer enjoy a normal life.

Before everyone gets excited over how great 5G wireless technology is, or for that matter any other type of wireless technology, people should be made aware of the real fact that such technology has very serious long term damaging health effects.  Read the research of Dr. Martin Pall or any of the other experts if you have any doubt of this fact.

I live in Canada and have learned that Health Canada's Safety Code 6 ignores the proven DNA damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation on all life.  It only provides protection from unwanted thermal (heating) effects.  The wireless industry removes funding from any researcher finding health damage due to wireless radiation exposure and daring to publish such information.  Wireless industry promoters, much like those in the past promoting pesticides, tobacco, asbestos and other toxic products, do everything possible to downplay any real facts becoming common knowledge.  Current Safety Code 6 exposure limits are still based on what industry developed in 1996 to ensure damaging health effects are ignored.  Calling for more studies while ignoring what is already known just delays the inevitable truth that we are all being slowly killed by the unnatural and invisible pulsed microwaves emitted by all wireless devices.  Most of our government and health authorities still remain ignorant of the actual research first done by the military and proving wireless radiation does damage health, and at levels far below those of Safety Code 6.  This information has been known for almost 80 years, yet the wireless industry does not want you to know the real facts as they continue to inundate humanity with cell phones, smart meters and other devices.  Even though their profits are in the trillions of dollars, the health risk is so great that no insurance company will provide health damage coverage for any of them.  Do a bit more research before parroting how protective Health Canada's Safety Code 6 and similar standards are.  Understand the propaganda and brainwashing being done in the world today to make sure you keep buying more wireless devices.  Then you might wake up like many others have done to realize the insanity of continuing to use any type of wireless technology.  So far, there is no proof of any "safe" exposure limit, but lots of proof the wireless technology is health damaging and cumulative.

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