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I was working at a customer's office, and I was sent to go fix something (Outlook maybe?) on the PC of the marketing manager.

As I started, I found that the mouse was behaving really strangely, so I picked it up, and taped underneath was a 2p coin. (From the sellotape marks it had clearly been positioned over the sensor at first, and then moved). I removed it, and left the coin by the monitor. Presumably it was there because it was supposedly made of copper?

Once everything was fixed, I was just waiting for the user to get back, and they eventually turned up, mobile phone glued to their ear. Once they finished their conversation, I pointed out that their mouse wasn't working because of a coin to which the reply was "but you see, I'm allergic to electromagnetic radiation".

"Well then" I replied, "maybe you should try shutting the curtains".

I don't think they figured it out by the time I left.

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