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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Another fence the Labor party can sit on and procastinate about

alongside BREXIT.

The article in yesterdays Evening Standard by Margaret Beckett hit the nail right on the head. Their dear leader wants to be all things to all men, women and insects but doesn't realise that he can't.

If they can't ban something then sooner or later, some bright spark of a PPE graduate who has never had a real job will suggest that the next Labor Government nationalise all telecoms including Mobiles and Broadband. That and these statements by sitting MP's sort of sums up the Labor party of today.

Before you downvote me, my father was true old labor from the day he left school in 1932 and went down the pit like his da and brothers before him and remained that way until the day he died... Well almost Blair did was the last straw for him. He'd also have no truck with Corbyn who is nowt more than a communist in sheeps clothing.

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