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You might need to check.....

What "scientific evidence" they think is actually on their side for all of the above (air pollution, climate change and EMF radiation causes cancer) - it may differ from the scientific evidence you follow. It is generally accepted that increasing CO2 emission causes warming but the ECS has a wide range which hasn't narrowed in the 30 years of IPCC reporting (which recent papers put at the lower end of the range).

The "air pollution" issue is significantly less than it was in my youth (thanks to the clean air laws - though may have been partly responsible for more winter deaths - central heating wasn't universal in the UK) - and is greater indoors than even the worst London roads.

Yet the "scientific evidence" being shouted about on the streets around parliament yesterday is all about catastrophe and doom - the same hysterical overstatement of the science that leads to the 5G EMF causes cancer beliefs.

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