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It will be a while before it flies around the world again

The FAA are now looking very carefully at everything to do with the plane - they had the wool pulled over their eyes and were lax in the past. Now they want to be sure that they won't be blamed for any other issues and will not be rushed into an approval.

Other regulators like Europe and China have indicated that they will no longer be taking FAA approvals at face value so will do their own careful analysis of any test results.

Then there are the trade issues, I would be amazed if they were very quick in approving the US plane in Europe after Boeing's less than completely honest submissions in the past, FAA failure to oversee things properly and being recently screwed over by the US in trade. I'm sure that they wouldn't be adverse to giving Airbus a bit of a leg up in business. Probably China will be the same in taking their own sweet time to check everything. They might play it straight and do it quickly but I have more than a few doubts.


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