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Eggheads have found a positive link between the number of racist tweets and the number of racist hate crimes in US cities

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Anonymous Coward

Anti-racism is false morality

Anyone who doesn’t respect that race is tied to nation, validates the separation of their own race from their own indigenous nation, past, present and future.

Those who founded the US intended to spread this disorder from the new world to the old world from the outset, to undermine all nations and convert the world into individualised private property.

Racial heritage based on past migration is the only objective human trait that defines a nation. Culture, ideology and values are not confined to borders, not owned by anyone, and cannot be foisted upon an entire national people without infringing on liberty. Change the racial makeup of a nation and it ceases to be the same nation. This is not to justify so-called “hate”, but to explain why foisting unnatural values as unnatural laws results in increased reaction to those values.

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