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Ex-HPEr here, I got stung by this before it was DXC.

Used to be based in the NE and have to be based at one of the two DCs there. The two DCs were less than 25 miles apart. Whatever work we did at one site usually had to be replicated at the other for most customers.

Towards the end of my time there we were given a similar ultimatum about travel and had to get full travel approval for a return journey from one site to another, even though the customer had paid for it and it set the company back less than £20 each time we did it.

Four levels of managerial approval involved, up to a US director for our technical discipline. Complete false economy, even if it took all four managers less than 5 minutes to review the request, I bet their involvement in billable hours cost more than the request to travel in the first place...

Same with overtime approvals - submit more than two weeks in advance, get approval from customer account and internal technical discipline/group. Fantastic until you realise we were on the hook for live support and typically got paged/called OOH for faults as well as planned work. Some of my team started refusing to do OOH work because their overtime requests weren't been honoured or approved for fixing outages.

... Our workload massively expanded when they laid off equivalent teams at the other UK DCs and we ended up having to pick up the slack, whilst filling in all of this crap at the same time. Didn't stay long at HPE after that.

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