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Can't say backwards compatibility in Linux has ever been good (Linux user since 1996). So I can't believe how you can say it is a big advantage. I have a bunch of Loki games which I'm sure don't have a prayer of running in any modern linux distro (probably not even one in the last 10 years). Windows has far better (though not perfect) backwards compatibility (though I have not tried anything newer than Windows 7 for old games anyway).

Last time I used Wine in linux was probably when Cedega was still around(which by the looks of it was 10+ years ago). I hardly ever play games these days, if I do need a game on windows then I reboot my laptop which is dual boot Mint/Win7), but that is maybe once or twice a year these days(I have no games on Linux that I play). The most time I've spent gaming the past ~5 years has been Fallout 4 (probably 2000+ hours) and GTA 5 (offline only, probably 600+ hours) both on regular PS4. Last game I recall playing very seriously in Linux was the original Unreal Tournament probably ~2001 (Loki version of course on 3DFX Voodoo3 I think).

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