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FWIW most 'stuck' pawns/beasts can be picked up by an unstuck pawn, then immediately dropped to 'unstick' them. Incidentally it's also a good technique used to get large animals into buildings (to fight/heal/trade as you wish)

However one thing you didn't mention here is that the map is not randomly/procedurally[?sp!] generated, altho NPC actions are emergent as stated. This means you can always rely on the same cities & monsters etc being in the same spots on the continent, usually run by the same factions. Mods can randomise this behaviour if you wish (I notice for the pics you're running DarkUI)

The announced & hopefully successful Kenshi 2 will apparentlky be set in the far past, before this map became the post-apocalyptic samurai battleground it now is, but that's a few years in development as yet..

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