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Only been using Linux since the late 1990's; before that I used commercial Unices. That said, there are *still* things that are just easier in Windows: Streaming audio & video. Tax software (in the US most of us spend a weekend / year, or pay someone to, trying to keep as much of our hard-earned income as possible, since it's not like the Guv'ment actually provides any services in exchange for it; we're on our own here for health insurance, university education for the kids, transport, etc.). Building and using a toy database. (This one shocks me; even Oracle used to be easier to install and run on Linux than WIndows; but recent experience with 18 seem to have completely flipped).

So at home my Windows 10 desktop gets at least as much use as my Ubuntu box, and of late, my MacBook Pro even more, though since I'm new to it there's a certain Bright Shiny Object appeal there.

YMMV, but for me it's different tools for different jobs.

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