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Moving to another OS is often a somewhat jarring experience but with the skills of the organisation surely it is not beyond their abilities to smooth the path for those affected.

Jarring - yes. But often not in a bad way. I've helped people move from MS to Windows, from StaleOldLinux to Mint or other ReallyNicelyPolishedLinux, to/from MacOS - based on finding out what their needs and usage patterns are and giving them something more suited.

The sound of an elderly friend proclaiming "I didn't know my computer could be so easy to use!" when I moved him from Win7 to the latest Mint in 2013 still rings in my ears. He's now quite capable of installing his own OS's and has given Zorin a play on one machine, has updated his main ones to Mint 19, and is quite active on his chosen breeds of social mania (not FB thankfully). Just one of several who found moving to something better suited to their needs.

One even commented that I'd made his screen 'much clearer', not realising his OS had been changed. He was moved to YLMF from XP, where the graphics drivers for his hardware weren't exactly working properly.

Despite what the MS etc fanbois would have you believe, it's not always a bad thing. Sometimes the experience is pleasant enough and if properly set up the change can be quite significant yet the workflow improvements enough that they adapt quickly and are much better able to do the things they want.

Though we are talking beancounters or managers here, so perhaps CERN should put some detectors around and see if there really is an actual WHINGE particle after all. It may be found to move between managerial offices much faster than light.

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