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when the honors system is changed so that an honorary honor can be bestowed, it call into question the basic reasoning behind the whole thing.

Why so? It's a recognition that the person honoured has done something worthwhile for the country or its people, whatever that person's nationality. The "honorary honour" is just a way of allowing that to happen for non-commonwealth citizens. It has restrictions, like the inability to use a title, but the recognition is just as valid and as valuable.

where a bunch of pompous, self-important and essentially self-apppointed people deem themselves (and those they decide to bestow honors on) to be of more value as human beings than all the other human beings?

Most honour awards start by recommendations from ordinary people who work with the person concerned. They write to an awards committee to propose that someone be recognised. Obviously there needs to be some sort of selection process, and the people on those committees are usually senior people from the committee's fields of expertise, like health, arts, education, business.

Might also begin to explain why food banks and other signs of poverty are so common in UK

France and Germany have 3-5x as many people using food banks as the UK.

and the NHS is struggling, even while it is deemed appropriate to spend vast amounts of cash on aircraft carriers and aircraft to go on those aircraft carriers

By their very nature health services will always struggle, no matter how much money is given to them they can always spend more. The UK is no worse than other European countries in that matter. As for aircraft carriers, it's a pity that we need them, but defence is fundamentally no different to healthcare, it's a necessary part of any government spending in a free country.

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