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Yes, yes I am not a moron - I know that only UK citizens (commonwealth, whatever) can get a "real" knighthood. That is indeed the point I am making, there being no actual difference between a "real" knighthood and an honorary knighthood. Without getting too semantic - when the honors system is changed so that an honorary honor can be bestowed, it call into question the basic reasoning behind the whole thing. Or is this just a stupid system where a bunch of pompous, self-important and essentially self-apppointed people deem themselves (and those they decide to bestow honors on) to be of more value as human beings than all the other human beings? I think it might be. Might also begin to explain why food banks and other signs of poverty are so common in UK and the NHS is struggling, even while it is deemed appropriate to spend vast amounts of cash on aircraft carriers and aircraft to go on those aircraft carriers (among other things).

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