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Re: If they were looking for customers to move to Azure...

I wonder why CERN doesn't fit the "academic institution" definition of Microsoft.

I guess it isn't an educational establishment. But, more pertinently, perhaps because it has a lot of money - CERN's budget last year was £900 million, and that doesn't include the money spent on the site by the institutions that make use of it, for example in building and operating the actual high energy physics experiments (which CERN mostly doesn't pay for).

CERN is locked into Microsoft - not just because of the "beancounters" (and those thousands of scientists, engineers and other support staff who also use Microsoft software) - but because all those other institutions (i.e. CERN's customers) have academic licences. Microsoft have probably reasoned that with this much money sloshing about, CERN will huff and puff a bit, perhaps even threaten to move away from using Microsoft software, and then just pay up.

And Microsoft are correct.

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