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Chas 9 posted a series of misconceptions.

Where do I begin?

A well design RF front-end can provide both sensitivity and dynamic range. Communications engineers know how to do this. With sufficient dynamic range, interference remains in band and can be filtered.

Their local "enforceable mandate" doesn't include space, so is irrelevant to this discussion.

Signals from satellites are weak by any reasonable measure. Compared to nearby local emissions. Many orders of magnitude due to inverse square law

Radio astronomy already have their protected RF bands. They're simply not entitled to whine about emissions in other RF bands. Seriously.

If the satellites emit in those protected bands, then that's a specific issue to be addressed. Seems unlikely.

Radio Astronomers are apparently not always very smart about RF, based on the old story of then being confused and excited by pulses of microwave. Turned out to be somebody opening a microwave oven before stopping it, very short burst of 2.4 GHz. Radio Astronomers not informed enough to recognize "2.4 GHz" ? Seriously?

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