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Help the Macless: Apple’s iPadOS is a huge update that will enable more people to do without a Mac... or a PC


I am an iPad Pro user. I have had no choice because it is a work thing. I have to carry a Windows laptop at the same time because the iPad sucks at laptop stuff, and I am afraid this update will not change things at all.

I, like so many others, have found that it is rubbish at being a proper laptop because it does not have a proper filesystem, no mouse support, no options for a desktop browser, and it shockingly bad at multitasking. I paid attention to all the changes that iPadOS brings, but I must say that I am not impressed. The above stuff are NOT nice-to-haves, and they are not amazing technological achievements. They are MINIMUM stuff any laptop should have. Apple makes a song and dance about innovating and bringing us some of these things to the iPad, and they expect us to stand up, applaud, and go out and pay $1,200!!! Although this seems to be a change in the right direction, for me it is a total miss.

PS - I just bought my son a Chromebook for $200. It runs Android apps, has a fully fledged Chrome browser, supports a mouse, has a proper filesystem, and has a reliable multitasking environment. My brother bought a Razor laptop for his photo/video editing tasks for $900. So why would anyone buy an iPad Pro is beyond me.

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