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Evidently you are unaware that transmitters have a spectrum that isn't limited to the desired transmit band. Nonlinearities, noise and so on get amplified in the final get out too - and they might be rather far from the desired center frequency and therefore in the desired "quiet" bands.

And when you're looking at a few photons per hour with a radio telescope, even a minute fraction of the many zillions per millisecond coming off a transmitter in the sky can cause issues.

While not as bright as the sun, someone calculated around 10^17 photons per second/m^2 from that source if they were all 1 eV (reality is bigger than that). So, reduce that by a few thousands, and then assume maybe a millionth of them are out of band noise. The number is still huge. One needs a sense of perspective and the world seems very short of fairy cake. 10^17/ 10^9 (say) is still a rather large number....

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