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Musk loves his Starlink sat constellation – but astroboffins are less than dazzled by them



Thinks forgotton. These sats deorbit within 2 years maximum if they fail.

If SpaceX gets this up and running, it will be the making of SparShip (BFR) (Starlink is the proposed long term funding source for SpaceX). At which point it will make Heavy lifting so economical that we should move our future telescopes into space. A 100t to geo and a 9-meter faring make a very large telescope. You could pack the James web in without having to fold the mirror! A huge weight and faring makes designing a large space teliscope vastly cheaper.

Next up who doesnt want fast internet accesable gloally?

Forget the other consitlations appart from Jeffs. The only way to complete is to have a cheaper launch capacity, which is impossible unless you own the rocket manufacturing and can make rockets reusable and ten use only rockets somebody else has already paid for with previous flights. The economics of SpaceX really shine on this one.

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