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Kenshi: Sandblasted sword-punk D&D where the dungeon master wants everyone dead

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I'm also an avid gamer. For reviews, write what you think and if you've played 66hrs, that's a lot longer than a lot of game reviewers!

As for bugs, quirks or 'features', luckily Kenshi's a bit of a cult game, so a pretty decent wiki & a lot of YT 'let's play' videos to help climb the learning wall. Pathing is one that can bite. So one town, I figured having feeding troughs for my bone dogs by the door to my stockpile would mean bandits bitten before they could loot it. Sadly, it also meant my loyal subjects also getting blocked going in/out of the stockpile, and occasionally starving, getting stuck, or slowing production chains. Trick like many games is to balance optimised production chains with leaving enough space so that folks can move around.. Or abusing pathing to keep bandits outside your walls and pepper them with x-bow bolts before they can steal all your rotten meat.

(then again, bandits can also be a good source of sustainable bone dog food..)

((oh, and it's emergent gameplay can also bit. I set up a village near an NPC farm to make it nice for trading.. Which worked fine until ninjas wiped out that farm. Then again, exploiting NPC fights is probably the best way to get gear & stuff early game.. Remember, it's not stealing unless you're stopped and inspected, or there are surviving witnesses!))

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