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Really great stuff

It's a bit late to buy Maskelyne a beer but we can certainly raise a few in his honour.

I'd raise a couple of points about the article though:

- I was surprised to find so many Nevil Maskelynes listed in Wikipedia and indeed to find more than one magician among them. It would have been good to give his dates in the article. Most of them seem to have been based in the British Isles.

- Comparing 'an expedition to North Carolina' with 'Maskelyne travelled all the way India' from the British Isles suggests a rather USAian focus. Central NC is about 6,600 km from London and central India is about 7,700 km (77 M linguine) according to gmaps. Both significantly long journeys for the late 19th century - but regular routes for the majority of the distance.

A really interesting article which caused me to start a little digging - I shall enjoy finding out more.

As it's Friday perhaps raise a few more -> in honour of the guys who restored the film and the author.

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