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That sounds familiar. A colleague who worked in usability had this argument countless times with one of their new junior hires. Something like this:

10 Jr: "Why should I go and make the coffee? Is it because I'm a junior?"

20 Sr: "No, because it's your turn. We all take turns. Linda did it yesterday, today it's your turn"

30 Jr: "I'm here to work in usability, not make bloody coffee!"

40 Sr: "We're all here to work in usability, but we share the tasks... today it's your turn to make coffee"

50 Jr: "But why..." (goto 10)

Replace "make the coffee" with any tasks that might be needed... like printing and preparing usability questionnaires, setting up laptops for usability studies... etc etc.

You might have a lovely degree sweetheart, but so do I, and so does everyone else in this office. Now go and do the bloody job you've been assigned! </endsrant>

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