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Have to agree.

We already have people declaring real news fake.

And making up fakes and calling them real news.

If I don't agree, it's fake - and you're a nazi.

If I do - I don't check. Confirmation bias.

Sick of it. There needs to be some penalty for outright trolling or something.

Don't even need fake videos - already we have "unnamed sources" and "it's reported as" which people who agree take on faith - but those who don't point out that either can mean it's simply made up out of thin air. Of course in the latter it's even more tenuous. I can report the moon exploded last night to satisfy that one - and we know it didn't. But it would still be announced that "it's reported the moon exploded last night" - not even a lie as such, just ridiculous.

It's in the early part of the book "how to say whatever you want without actually telling an actionable lie".

It's all reality's fault for disagreeing with me.

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