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Nothing, but how many would do this. ("This" means "clearing out the browser once a day so attribution data never gets sent".)

You mean some people don't do at least that?

I don't just clear cookies and local storage once a day... I do it each time a browser tab is closed or idle for a while (it gets unloaded) as well as whenever the browser is closed, not to mention that I manually clear everything before and after using any Google service (Facebook is blocked completely, so no worries there). My ISP uses dynamic IPs, so all it takes is a reboot of my router to change it, which I do frequently too. Why make it easy for them? If they want ad revenue, that's fine. Show an ad that does not animate, make noise, or get in the way of doing whatever I came for, and make sure it doesn't track me in any way. There's this idea out there that you can't have advertising without tracking, but they're not the same thing. You can have ads without tracking and tracking without ads!

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