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> The reason the Russians are so damn good in coding is because the US stopped them from having the latest, most powerful systems so they were forced to be intelligent and efficient with what they had [ ... ]

Not really.

The Soviets got their hands on western computer systems designs. At first, early '70's, it was mainframes. Then came the DEC VAX designs and VMS code and AT&T's source code to UNIX Version 6, then Version 7, then SVR3. All of this courtesy of the USSR KGB and GRU and their Six Little Sisters - espionage for VAX and VMS, and stolen from US universities by the same, where AT&T's source code was available.

Warsaw Treaty espionage targeting Western computer systems design was big business in the '70's and '80's. It was an integral and important part of the Eastern Bloc's defense posture and strategy.

DEC VAX clones running VMS derivatives or various versions of AT&T UNIX were being manufactured in several countries from the Eastern Bloc in the late '70's throughout the '80's, up until its collapse in 1989. The hardware designs and the source code originally came from the USSR. All the Warsaw Treaty countries were involved, plus Cuba. China was a big importer of these machines.

Wikipedia - History of Computer Hardware in Soviet Bloc Countries, but unfortunately it's far from complete, and not very detailed.

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