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Well said. Much of this problem is due to the deregulation of Corporate financials. I'm not a finance person so am not sure that's the correct term. What I'm talking about is at the time of globalization/free trade when RRSPs were allowed to participate in corporate stock outside of national scope. Such was the case in Canada at the time. Since then, these corporations outsource as much work as possible to developing economies to reduce cost and most no longer have any R&D worth mentioning, all in the name of increasing profit for the Ponzi/Pyramid scheme that is the deregulated stock market and that is effect of changing the corporate tax burden. Since the late 1970s corporations have been able to increasingly buy their own taxation system, it seems. The more regulated, or in authoritarian regimes financially controlled, corporations still seem to have effective R&D.

The above boils down to the populace having been duped by bad faith politicians. As much I don't like Trump and his crazy train this all started a long time before him.

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