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The US became a dominant economy largely because of its refusal to acknowledge what we would now consider intellectual property rights of the incumbent industrial powers. It's rather difficult to bootstrap an industrial sector if you can only import industrial goods or pay a high premium in an undeveloped market for the privilege of making things. Hardly surprising if China were to follow America's path.

The same did not apply within the US, of course. Ironically, the reason that the prime beneficiary of copyright - the movie industry - is based in Hollywood is that early cinematographers had fled from New York where Edison had hired gangs of thugs to smash their cameras in a patent dispute.

It's probably more of a problem that so much low-end technology is now made in China than high-end stuff. It's arguably more difficult to sustain an exclusively high-tech economy because you don't have the critical mass of talent and investors who are prepared to invest in making things.

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