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Now you're talking about Android-compatible hardware. I was expressly talking about your phrasing in relation to the Android software and branding, not hardware. In that regard, just because Android is colloquially known as a single entity comprised of Google apps, AOSP, and vendor bloat doesn't make the phrase "the Android software, by law, is NOT under your control" any less incorrect, no matter what malarkey Joe Ordinary is up to lately.

If when you said that, you meant "Android hardware" instead of "Android software" then, yes, you would have been correct, since most Android-compatible hardware vendors are not very keen on sharing their design documents and other such secrets. Other correct answers would have been the Google Services Framework, Play backend APIs, etc., and the Android brand/trademark. Otherwise, while Google may have significant impact on the Android ecosystem, they still can't stop you from doing pretty much whatever you want with the software.

To help make things a little clearer:

  • Android the brand/trademark: Owned by Google LLC.
  • Android the software (AOSP): Developed primarily by Google; Apache 2.0 licensed and open source. The interests of the Android project are driven by the Open Handset Alliance which Google founded and is the parent company. There are enough members however (over 80 IIRC, including most big-name mobe and tablet pushers) that Google doesn't fully direct the development process.
  • Android-compatible hardware: The CDD directs hardware compatibility and directly impacts new devices on the market. Google does most of the work on this document with occasional input from the OHA.
  • Google services provided on Android (GSF et al.): Wholly owned by Google. They can do whatever they want in this corner with little oversight.

I'm really tired so please try to excuse any inaccuracies.

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