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Most Favoured Nation Trading Status ?

I'm no friend of Trump or the Clintons, but view any moves against China's massively favoured foreign trade position as being a good thing.

Bill Clinton bears a lot of responsibility for increasing trade with China and off-shoring a lot of industry there, mouthing the fatuous idiocy that China getting richer would promote democracy. That has been shown up as the cynical lie it always was a thousand times over.

How would politicians and their lapdog media organsisations react if any other country were to be allowed to subsidise its exports with FREE SHIPPING to markets charging minimal if any import duties, but all the while imposing very high tariffs on imported goods?

Apparently, all it takes is bribery with badly made cheap crap, produced by people living as slaves in a country that is an oppressive nightmare of toxic waste and pollution for populations the world over to accept this calumny.

I'm frequently disappointed by and sceptical about what happens here in the UK, and also the US, but I am very glad not to live under the rule of Beijing. Maybe it's time we started thinking about the importance of that.

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