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Actually at least 11 million Chinese died in WW2 which started long before Pearl Harbor. We call it the 1939-45 war here, the US calls it 1941-5, but it actually began with the Japanese invasion of China and the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. From the Japanese point of view Pearl Harbor was just an attempt to keep the US out of their war.

The US has the military but the landmass that includes China, the RF, India, Africa, the ME and Europe has the population and the markets. China is now going to go for European-Asian-African cohesion against the US.

In WW2 the more intelligent US generals isolated Japanese islands and left them to "wither on the vine" while the stupid generals tried to conquer them regardless of cost, leading to tragedies like Okinawa. It seems the Chinese have learned the lesson: leave the US to wither, turn the resources elsewhere.

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