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Always alternatives....

I working in media for 5 years and come from an IT background. There's always alternatives if you're open to looking for them and value spending your money wisely. One I was trained in Adobe I have to admit - I didn't see what the fuss was about. Photoshop - interface was slower to work with that then (then) comparable Paintshop Pro and Premiere not only really killed my video workflow, but was resource intensive on my machine. Vegas allowed me to work faster and my machine had zero issue previewing a multi-tracked video project in real time. Illustrator and After Effects are admittedly harder to replace (though HitFilm Pro is my shout for an After Effects replacement). The problem is creative people are just that.... artists, painters, videographers etc. They want to create and use the tools they're familiar with and I can understand why. Learning a new interface and workflow process really kills that process. I see it from both sides. For me? I'd never give a subscription service the money and as long as my purchased versions of Vegas and Paintshop Pro and fit for purpose I'll refrain from paying almost £50 a month. I'm techie enough to work around the need for a subscription. As for the arts community that Adobe are bending over a barrel - they have my sympathise

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