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I don't understand why people raise this argument. Anyone using an old version of software is well aware of this already and have decided that the "improvements" aren't enough to be worth upgrading.

Definitely. Not an Adobe product, but we're still using Quicken98 even now (under MSWin10 for my brother's system, Crossover Office for mine). There's been absolutely nothing in the later versions that ever encouraged me to upgrade. Heck, if it hadn't been for a quirk involving faxmodems on MSWin NT4, would probably still be on an even earlier version.

And if I really DID feel the need to "upgrade", there are two later versions available for free download from Intuit themselves. And since Intuit has decided you're only allowed to bring in existing files with the overpriced "Deluxe" version, we won't be upgrading to any of the "current" versions.

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