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Upgrade refuseniks, beware: Adobe snips away legacy versions of its Creative Cloud apps


But can they touch my CS6?

Because that's how I get my Adobe fix.

I don't like clouds.

They run away.

I like things in my hand because then they stay.

But can they touch my CS6?

Keep your hands off my installation disk!

Keep the server on! Don't pull the plug on me! That's a con.

Somewhere I have CS3. You're not taking it away from me!

That was the traditional photoshop. Before all this cloud infested slop.

Who will stand alone in the end?

The final CS6 user and their wacom pen.

Don't surrender! Don't give in! CS6 users keep on fightin'!

Will you be the last one? In 2030!

Until the server goes kaput and gets you shirty.

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